What you will achieve by eating healthy


What you will achieve by eating healthy

Eating healthy has been known to have significant benefits such as: a strong heart, prevention against disease, longer life expectancy, clear skin, better fitness, weight loss, improved mood, whiter teeth, better sleep, more energy, and a clearer mind.


What you will achieve with bad eating habits


What you will achieve with bad eating habits

For some, eating unhealthy in the short term may “not affect” the individual, but in the long term bad eating habits can cause some serious or even fatal health issues such as: heart disease, high blood pressure, shortness of breathe, acne, relience on medication, diabetes, stress, depression, illness, low energy, sleep apnea, obesity, and even death.

Things Worth Remembering: Don’t Forget to Chew Your Food!


When you chew your food thoroughly, the nutrients are more readily available to make repairs to your body or give you energy which are essential for life. Therefore, by chewing your food thoroughly you are promoting disease prevention in your body because the nutrients will be properly digested and absorbed. Also, chewing food signals your digestive system to start working. Your body will start to create acid and enzymes in your stomach and pancreas, which are needed for digestion. The longer you chew your food, the stronger the digestive signals will be and it will make it easier to digest the food. You are then less likely to have indigestion, acid reflux (heartburn, gas, bloating, etc.), and will benefit from increased nutrient absorption.

Something as simple as just thoroughly chewing your food can help you lose weight. If you chew your food about 30-40 times before swallowing then you allow your body time to register that it’s full. Like you’ve probably heard before, it takes approximately 20 minutes for your body to realize it’s full. A study showed that people who chewed more produced less ghrelin (hunger hormone, which I like to call the hunger gremlin) and produced more of the hunger-suppressing hormone (cholecystokinin). (Read article #1 at the bottom of this post for more information about this study). Chewing more=Eating slower=Eating less/eating fewer calories=LOSING WEIGHT!

However, if you don’t chew your food thoroughly it can mess with the digestion process and can lead to digestive issues. (Click on link #2 for more information). If you swallow a big piece of food, your digestive enzymes will only be able to coat the outside of that piece of food. After breaking down the outside of the food, your digestive system will then move the rest of the food to waste management. So then a good portion of the food that you ate doesn’t get digested and used for energy or repairing your body, it just gets wasted! That will make you eat more later because you didn’t get enough nutrients, and the reason why your body gets hungry in the first place is because it needs nutrients. The less nutrients you get, the more you will eat! Not only do swallowing big pieces of food not get completely broken down and sent to waste, they can also cause digestive distress, such as bacterial overgrowth, gas, and bloating. Not fun.

Tips to becoming more mindful + chewing more while eating:

  • Eat slowly; chew your food 30 times (Depending on how hard or soft the food is, you want it to be mush when you swallow it).
  • Get rid of distractions while eating! No texting, driving, or watching TV!
  • If eating with family/friends, try being the last one to finish.
  • Time yourself while eating. Set a timer for 20-30 minutes and don’t finish eating until the timer goes off.
  • Put your fork down in between bites.
  • Really enjoy your food; how it tastes, smells, the texture.

By chewing more and being more mindful when eating your food, you absorb more nutrients, aid in weight loss, aid in digestion, promote disease prevention, prevent digestive upset, and ultimately will be more satisfied after your meal.
Make your tummy happy!

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Why is eating healthy so expensive!?


A common excuse for people not eating healthy is that it is too expensive. I am not going to lie, buying healthful foods for the whole family, or just for yourself, can be a hefty bill. Food prices have been creeping up throughout the years. Some people claim that prepackaged and processed foods are cheaper than fruits and vegetables, making it harder for us to eat healthy. Not to mention that value menus at fast food restaurants are becoming more common. In this economy we try to get the most out of our money, and we all don’t have the funds to eat like the rich and famous.

In my opinion, healthy food is not more expensive than processed foods; I think it’s a little bit backwards. In fact, in the intro to this blog I was trying to come up with an example of how processed/prepackaged foods were cheaper than healthy foods and I couldn’t. This is what my example was going to be: you want to buy a side for your dinner; you can buy a box (approx. 7oz, 2 servings per box) of macaroni and cheese for 2$ OR you could buy 1lb (16oz, about 2-4 servings) of summer squash for approx. $1.50 per pound. Do you see my issue? If we are going by the price of food per ounce, then squash would win. That means more food for your money! It would most definitely save you some calories too (if you’re worried about that) and you get way more nutrients.

Here is why I think we fall into the misconception that healthy food (produce in particular) is more expensive than the lovely, convenient packaged foods: portion size. When some people eat, they tend to not pay attention to the serving size. But what we do look at is how much food is on our plate, and we think the more the better. On the contrary, if we were to look at serving size AND the amount of food on our plate, one serving of macaroni and cheese looks more filling than one serving of squash. That’s when we think that we are getting more food for our money, when in reality we’re not. Your eyes can deceive you; ever heard the saying “your eyes are bigger than your stomach”?

During a shopping trip, I bought mostly processed/prepackaged foods because that was what my family was eating at the time. It was crazy, we spent probably $200 and walked out of the store with barely a cart-full. Another time I went shopping at a fruit stand and spent maybe 20$ and was amazed at how much food I walked out with.

There are a couple of points that I do agree with about healthy food being expensive. First, meat can be expensive. Although, even if you eat unhealthful, you still need meat for that hamburger helper. Secondly, there are some great prices on fast foods. You can get a whole meal under $4! Or you can hit up that dollar menu! Those prices are unbeatable.

We have to look at the bigger picture though. If we want the best quality life, a big contributor is our diet. Should we sacrifice our health for a cheap meal? I look at eating healthy as an investment. If we spend the extra money and time buying and prepping healthy foods, then we will be rewarded with a better quality of life. However, if you don’t want to spend that little bit of extra money on healthy foods and continue eating junk, then you will have to spend money on prescription drugs and surgeries later on down the road, and those are even more expensive!

We are ALL Unique – and Our Healthy Lifestyle should be TOO!


It’s true. We all have our preferences, dislikes, beliefs, opinions, etc. Those things make us unique and stand out from others. If everyone was the same then life would be so boring because we would already know what everyone is going to do or say. Yes, we have our similarities, but it’s our differences that set us apart. So then why should we all adhere to one diet plan and healthy lifestyle?
Simple. We shouldn’t.

In the health industry there are thousands of different opinions on what is healthy and what is not. There are many different diets and exercise plans. Each person is going to promote their own beliefs on the topic whether they are based on facts (or not) or own personal experiences. This can be very intimidating when first starting out on a healthy lifestyle or weight loss journey. Sometimes even well into the journey it can still be mind-rattling because it’s such a controversial topic, and it should be (we’re talking about your health)!

As I’ve stated there are many many many…many many…many varieties of healthy lifestyle rules, so how do we pick out the ones that are valuable and which ones are just garbage? In my opinion, the person that you should listen to and follow when it comes to healthy living is YOU. Of course you should listen to the healthy you, not the you that tells you to eat a whole tray of brownies. No one knows you better than yourself. You know what you like and don’t like. If a diet plan tells you that you should eat 6 times a day, but you think that’s an annoyance, then that plan isn’t right for you. If your new weight loss plan includes hitting the gym 7 days a week, but you think that’s way too much, then that plan isn’t right for you. Yes, you might have to do some things that are not desirable, such as kick the coke to the curb, but losing weight or living healthfully shouldn’t be a complete misery. It’s probably why most diets don’t work; because it doesn’t fit YOU. Chose things that you believe you can manage in your healthy lifestyle.

When you start to craft your own healthy lifestyle, yes it’s okay to have a model plan to follow, such as WeightWatchers or the Atkins diet. Although, after following it for a while, you may find that some things may not work for you, or some things that are working for you. You might want to change this and that, and keep this and that, molding your own healthy lifestyle until it’s your very own masterpiece!

In today’s society, I feel like we just accept things as they are, or think they are supposed to be (i.e. while “dieting” you are going to be very miserable). It doesn’t have to be that way! We just have to find out what works for us and our body. Remember, one healthy lifestyle does not fit all!

“Today you are YOU, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is YOUER than YOU.” – Dr. Seuss

Get Inspired!


Throughout this week I have been immensely inspired by many different individuals, from my family members to people on YouTube. I think inspiration is a beautiful thing because it can play an important role in one’s own personal success.

We all have people who we admire, whether it be a public figure or just our mom. They influence our lives and light a fire within our hearts. We are encouraged by them to follow our dreams; nothing in the world will make you happier than doing the things that you love to do. They motivate us to accomplish our goals, or maybe even do things that we never even thought of doing. These people teach us that anything we want to achieve is obtainable. They give us hope that we will be successful, and we can defeat any obstacles that lay in our path. And settling for what others say you’re supposed to do (such as get a job that is not desirable to you) is not acceptable because you have the potential to be so much more. There’s always room for learning, growing, and self improvement.

Think about the people you look up to and admire. What is it about them that inspires you? Take the words and actions of those people and use them to improve yourself. Everyone has the right to be inspired. So go get inspired!

“Inspiration is what gets you started. Motivation is what keeps you going.”

Some of the individuals that have inspired myself:
How To Find And Do Work You Love: Scott Dinsmore at TEDxGoldenGatePark (2D)

Neil Gaiman – Inspirational Commencement Speech at the University of the Arts 2012

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